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Corporate Seals are used for embossing papers and documents for official use. MarKing Equipment recommends the desk seal over the pocket seal. All seals are designed for standard 20lb single sheets of paper only. Used for Notary Public seals, numbered company seals, engineering seals, professional accreditation seals, etc. We carry a complete line of seals, from manual  to electric seals. Ask us for a quotation on adding your logo to a seal.

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DS158 - DS-158
Our most popular seal.
1-5/8" diameter.

Used for numbered company seals, Notary Public seals etc.

DS2 - DS2


2" diameter. The largest size seal.
Ideal for large amount of copy seals. Seals with logos in the middle.

2" diameter logo seal.
Heavy duty long reach seal ideal for logo seals.

DS2551 - DS2551
1"x 2" rectangle seal.
Used for personal address embossing on envelopes and stationary.